Laser Show

After my first attempt:

  • ARM-7 corte m-3 @72Mhz
  • two voice-coils out of old Harddisks.
  • two light to frequency generators
  • By optical feedback I opt to create an close-loop PID-control loop.

The result wasn’t what I intented it to be.

As it turned out, the arm CPU wasn’t fast enough, that combined with poor hardware, (old harddisks, hot glue :), on a steady base of wood…), I bought some (more) serious stuff.

  • 20K Galvo’s
  • Galvo drivers/Amps
  • Symmetric powersupply
  • 12V powersupply (for the dac)
  • Opamps, potentiometers, resistors and voltage-converter
  • Separate laser diodes, dichroic mirros (to combine the rays)
  • Laser driver circuitry (consists of opamp)
  • Laser RGB brick
  • ShowCard


After assembling the whole lot (on a cutting board for food :)), the rather compact box is shown below.



You can clearly see the two power supplies (aluminium cases), the two drivers for the galvos’ (right bit), and the RGB laser brick (which needed to be calibrated a bit more).

I also build the USB-soundcard to ILDA converter board, it consists of 6 discrete op-amp circuits, to compensate for the sound-card’s offsets. It taps into the dac-outputs prior to the decoupling caps.

The stock showcard’s show is rater nice, but when your running your own graphs, people will be amazed even more 🙂

*oh did I mentioned that i bough a smoke-machine as well, quite the must-have for laser-enthousiasts!

So I build the converter-amp, and started to get some proper animations 🙂


A spinning bottle:


A simple concatenation of figures:


Beam shows (with smoke machine):