Glitching The XBOX

Last Christmas, i decided that i definitly needed a Xbox..

So after asking arround, I found someone who had lying one arround, biting the dust. I bought it of him and played some games..

Of course I wanted to do some some more stuff with it.. games are boring.. So I orded a couple of pcbs to expand it’s functionaly.


Like a true dutch behoves, I bought the most cheaply available parts…. on dealextreme

A matrix nand programmer (PIC) and a x360glitch

After waiting quite some time for the the postman to arive, we could get cracking (literally)… but unfortunaltly it didn’t work out as we hoped.

The 360glich was a glich-card for the Slim, so I went to the local electronics guy to scoop up some passive components (diodes, resisistors and a cap).

after modifing it, it look (after some iterative soldering like below)

<image todo>


(horrible). and we never got it to program correctly. But this could have been due the nature of our jtag cable (aka cheaptag).



After a night of beer (Paulaners) and cursing, we succeded in dumping the nand.. but that was it… so i got on my bike and drove off towards my home…

Day 2:

After a new order (this time in the Netherlands) i got the squird360 modchip.






Below i’m soldering it ┬áin place:


After messing up a pad (stupid f***), I needed to tap the point at another place (below the headsink), this required sanding, glueing and patience. (The soldering tin is 2mm thick, to give you a idea of the scale, looks almost like an iron bar..)








Than we hooked up the thing to the TV like below:


For some reason we succeeded in glitching just once (but we did take the key’s spit out by xellious:







*pff, Softmodding the Wii is a walk in the

park, compared to this nightmare altough it is a great way to justify drinking large quantities of beer…

Day 3:

<work in progress, making it glitch properly and flashing the required stuff.> Furthermore make some adjustments to the motherboard in order to prevent burning of fuses.


Day 4:

After proper glitching it keeped on crashing during boot. This was fixed by makeing sure the Reset wire was not wrapped arround other wires. As a precaution I wrapped the ground wire arrount the reset, in order to reducte the noice on it.


I think in the near future I will redo the reset wire, using a shielded wire. This should prevent lockups at all.


currently, the xbox is biting the dust… as many of my “achievements”