Beamer Retrofitting

an attempt to build some kind of 3d beamer config, i bought a beamer on ebay.


I searched for ‘Sanyo’, knowing they make beamers. Some consideration using Sanyo as a search term rather than beamer (often associated with BMW), I hoped to avoid to much other bidders by searching just for brand names.

After paying a total of 35 euro’s (thats 10,- gpb for the beamer and 19,00 for the shipping from UK to Holland), i got myself a propper ~broken~ beamer:

SANYO PLC-SW30 PRO-x Multiverse Projector – Red Light – Lamp Problem

35 euros for a beamer which is repairable with a led+powersupply of ~12euros: 

a beamer for a steal!


Lets open it up:

LUCKALY, i found a service manual on the internet, as turned out lateron..

I started of opening-up the beamer, using this manual. Unlike another beamer i worked on previously, this one has the balast (The powersupply for the lamp) embedded in the powersuply of the beamer itself. therefore i had to take the damn thing completely appart.

after several hours and a LOT and LOTS of patience, i succesfully removed the ballast, and reassambled the beamer.

than the part was where I had make the beamer ‘think’ it had a propper ballast and working lamp

This particular model has several options being Eco-mode and full-power.

According to the logical schema’s inside the service manual there had to be a particular signal on a data-line.

There was a small micro-controller in the sheet which communicated with the balast (lamp power supply, wich i removed previously). This controller had some software in it which I ofcourse could not modify. Then I was stuck on the topic:

How do I make it’s output logic-zero (0 volts), so i got my soldering-iron pluged in and started disableing the whole thing.

I first killed it’s power-supply (by heating up the VCC pin and lifting it up form the mainboard, as this was the least difficult option).


Than I soldere a wire to the output pin of the microprocessor (the white cable in the top-image).

To connect this wire to a suitable gnd (ground or 0-volts, eg the – (or negative) from a battery for the novice),

I scraped some protective silcscreen / cover of the ground plain and soldered the wire to it.

After that, the project would powerup nicely and stays powered on, YEAY 🙂



[The fun part]
After i waited for my Deal-extreme order, I could test the Led and power-supply.


the setup consists of the following components:
  1. A powerfull led, DONT’s buy the 50watt floodlights as i did. For a beamer-build-off (to use Discovery-channel terms) these are useless, rater buy a led with a as small as possible emitting surface, like my 9watt XM-l60 Cree.
  2. A suitable powersupply. Usally a regular current source (so no volatage regulator!) will suffice, but with these large current’s (9watt = voltage x current hense 9watt = 3.7V x 3000), So unless you can build a powersupply which coughs op 3 amps, better buy a switching powersupply designed for this type of led, mine was 4 euro’s, so no pain there
  3. Propper optics, this led collaborates wonderfully with my 50mll Collaminator lens, normally these leds radiate at a 120degree angle, which is useless, but with this lense, you get a very nice small but very bright spot of say 6cm diameters over a
  4. distance of +1meter. 








after some experimenting on how to mound the led in the right distence with respect to the focal point i made some holders, using PVC water tubing holders, see pic’s below

unfortunatly due to a unknow reason – perhaps Deal-Extreme and it’s rediculous high priced electronics (thats me being cynical) – , the powersupply stopped working. Okay, it cost me 4 euros…. do i need to say more? So i orderd two more..


for the time being i use a LM317 rated at 1 amps, as i have just a 12Volts powersupply which is capable of enough juse,  i have to settle with 600 milli-amps of current (due to my crappy resistors), instead of 3.000. So my projector doesn’t run on full potential… Also if anyone needs a heating element.. it gets very hot, very quick (thats a lm317 wasting 7 volts of heat).
Total Costs:
  • Beamer: 10GBP = ~ E 11,60
  • Shipping: 19,90 GBP = ~ E 22,70
  • Led Dealextreme: E9.0 (SKU-54704)
  • Powersupply: E4.0 (SKU-57779)
  • Collimator Lens: E3,39 (SKU-44653)
  • (new power supply) E4,0

TOTAL: E55,=*

*without all bad buys.

PLCSW30 service manual