In this BlogEntry I have placed some some stuff which I collected over time with respect to my RC hobby

Date: 11-5-2012

Today I plannend on going towards the Universty to work on my thesis. However the Mailman thought otherwise. As i was getting up and brushing my teeth, the Bell rang (let me clarify, that is all bell’s in the house, the mailmen is a very impatient man).

So I wen’t down stairs, fearing the worst. I was right, it was the package i urged so long for.

It was my X525 Frame from ebay’s Top-rated Seller “gadgetinfinte”



It’s description (as always) contains a lot of ambiguity, but hey, thats Chinese sellers on ebay 🙂

After unpacking the frame look like this, an awfull lot of screws, some allumineum bars and epoxy plates (luckaly the ‘plywood laser engraving’ turns out to be some more sturdy stuff than wood.

The spring mechanism for ‘softer’ landings

A small but suddle ‘brand’ name
The frame folded-in, without electronics
The unit with the old electronics on top:
The new frame, next to it, my old tricopter frame (stripped)
The First flight

Here are two pictures of the quad-copter fully assembled

My first flight outside… went horrible. I killed one of the props, but unfortunatly one of the arms ripped of aswell 🙁 though shit as some teacher would say on the University). Well the movie is below, in case you wan’t to see it in action (the final-crash). I must say, it does hurt, when one builds for two days an the thing, and than destroy it withing 40 seconds.

The damage: a broken prop (not serious) and a torn alumium bar (serious)