How to fix a bricked Chinese UC40 projector

A friend of mine was enjoying his Chinese UC40 projector, but for some strange reason, the manufacturer figured that it would be a nice feature to watermark the projected image

A watermark in your projected image… not great

So when he encountered a supposed update for his projector (which was hosted on Facebook),  which made the watermark optional, he took a leap of faith…. and was disappointed,  the watermark was gone, but also the rest of his projector functionality, he bricked it.

So he inquired as to what his options where, grabbed some beer, and started googling like mad-men.

We assumed there where two possible reasons as to why the projector didn’t function anymore:

  1. The firmware was in contrast to it’s description, not meant for this hardware
  2. The projector failed to flash the file  into his flash properly

So we started prying open the case to look for the components that may give some hints, as to how to revert to a working device

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