Low-tech Laser-scanner on ARM and Harddrive motors

As I was always into Laser(s) (‘we call it a Laser’)

In an attempt to build my own laser-scanner/project i’ve googled alot… which is kinda what most it’ers do when solving stuff.

Anyhow most of the people that are into lasers and shit, are know with Elm-Chan’s project, which basically means buidling your own galvanometers and analog drivers. Since my litte appartment didn’t came with a broad set of vertical drills, milling machines and lathe’s to craft the stators of the galvano’s… I didn’t bother trying it. Another difficulty is my somehow limited analog electronics skillset… (but hey, if your writing ruby/java and mongodb queries all day..). Anyway. Chan’s path was not mine to take.


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Sniffing Chinese wireless 433 modules

In an attempt to get some really nice Cheap wireless led-drivers I decided to buy some of these 433mhz transmitters:


Thinking I could sniff-out the protocol, and use these babies a s a nice ultra-cheap home-automation node.

So after taking apart the remote and wireing up the led (yes, those Chinese guy’s are awesome!, they wired a led on the antenna input, so sniffing out the signal (without noise) was peanuts). They probably replace the blue (why always blue leds in cheap Chinese stuff), with an IR version in the even cheaper IR models.


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